Company History

Fay Studios was founded by Jack M. Fay in 1928, grandfather to current owner Walter Fay. Jack spent 26 years as a stage manager in the Vaudeville circuit – the variety entertainment theatre genre of the early 1900s – traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada. As the 1920s were coming to a close, so the Vaudeville Era in America was slowing fading. The advent of the “Talkies” replaced the popularity of the traveling stage show.

Fay Studios was born out of the demise of Vaudeville. Drawing from his many years of show business experience, Jack opened his business to cater to both the live stage and the fast growing movie theatre industry.

Whether building props, painting scenery, installing screens, Jack’s experience across the full spectrum of the theater entertainment industry allowed Fay Studios a unique opportunity to cater to all avenues of theatre venues.

When Jack passed away in 1958, his son, William, became the second-generation leader of the company. During William’s time at the helm of the company, the exhibition industry went through many changes. William saw the era of the “Twinning” of the movie house, where many theatres built a wall down the middle of the auditorium to allow for two independent showings.

Even through multiplexing of theatres, Fay Studios continued to provide industry leading products. Remaining true to its roots, the company continues to work on live entertainment venues such as theatres, schools, colleges, casinos, and arenas throughout the United States. After more than 75 years in the business and three generations Fay Studios continues its tradition of providing top quality services to the entertainment industry.